Sunday, April 21, 2013

Here We Go Again

In Turkey in 2012. Photo by Adrian Butterworth, Adelia Television.
The passion for travelling have resulted in other strange trips. Last year I visited five continents in one day, a world record which is being made into a television documentary.

I am often asked about which country I like the best. An impossible question to answer truthfully. The world is amazing and every new place and country impress me in some way or another. Being able to eat, drink, smile and chat with people from so many countries have to a certain degree satisfied my curiosity and contributed making me into an often smiling person. A bloody restless one, though.

I was recently interviewed by FBI, the Norwegian television program airing every Wednesday on NRK1, about travelling and airplane tickets. Watch the package which was filmed on an ice covered beach outside Oslo in NRKs web tv. It starts after 19 minutes and 12 seconds.

Why there are 198 countries? There are 193 UN countries, 2 UN observers (the Vatican and Palestine) and 3 other countries (Kosovo, Taiwan and Western Sahara) that are recognized by a number of UN countries.

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