Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why I love Travelling

This is the country on the list that most people have actually heard about. I am generally not a big fan of touristy places, but Fiji is by far the largest remaining country and has a lot of areas unspoilt by tourism. You won't find me in any of the resorts. I will actually have to visit Fiji three times though, as most flights in the area go via Suva or Nadi.

Kids playing water rugby on the runway of the airport.
Tuvalu - 10,544 people on 26 km². Capital: Funafuti. (Check. Visited March 26.)

The smallest country on this list is also one of the least visited in the world. No more than 1,200 tourists visit every year, only two countries have fewer visitors. Tuvalu is also one of the first countries that will disappear should sea levels increase, so you may not have to much time to see this unique nation.

Read more on the 'sinking' country.
Kiribati - 103,500 people on 811 km². Capital: South Tarawa. (Check. Visited April 1.)

This is the fourth least visited country in the world, although having 4 times as many visitors as Tuvalu. Despite boasting a very famous island; Christmas Island. The country is very poor and especially the capital is densely populated. The islands also experienced some of the heaviest fighting of World War II, wreck diving comes recommended.

On the country without the letter 's.'
Cape Verde - 523,568 people on 4,033 km². Capital: Praia.

The last new country I may ever visit is the one geographically nearest to Norway of the final seven. That is to enable friends to easier join in for the party in May. Cape Verde is famous for good food, blue marlin fishing and whatever you would ever want to do from a beach.

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